Customer Leaves Fake Tip For Waiter And It’s Things Like This That Give Religion A Bad Name

This teen in Kansas waited on a table and thought they dropped a twenty for a tip. Nope. It was a bible verse made to look like money.

Fuck this person on so many levels but here are a few thoughts which come to mind.

1) Jesus’s teaching revolved around the core tenant “do onto others.” Treat people the way you’d want to be treated. The patron in this situation treated the waiter like a servant for, I’m estimating, close to an hour and in return left no financial compensation. In regular terms, this religious fanatic treated a stranger like shit. Therefore, he in turn wish to be treated like shit. Fair enough. I hope at the next restaurant the chef jerks off into your bowl of chili.

2) I’m not absolutely certain but I feel like this person could be brought up on forgery charges. How is this allowed? In this instance, the person tried to pass the piece of paper off as actual money. He left it under the ketchup just like a real tip in an attempt to trick the waiter into thinking it’s real money.

3) The interior of the “bill” says “don’t be fooled, there’s something you can have more valuable than money.” No, there isn’t, because money is the most valuable fucking thing a person can have. Try and pay for lunch with a “belief in God.” Go make your next mortgage payment with “faith.” Those are nice things to have IN ADDITION TO MONEY.

4) “The guy who screwed me over and didn’t tip me and then tried to pass off a piece of religious propaganda as money is right! I should reconsider my faith!” — said no one fucking ever. No one was converted to a religion by being dicked over by a religious person.

5) Dear religious people…stop trying to turn EVERY situation into a recruitment session. It makes you look absolutely pathetic and desperate. If people want to find their faith they’ll do it on their own terms. Not because you we’re super convincing during the breakfast shift at Denny’s.

[via GQ]

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