Crazed Man Chases Cyclist In Road Rage Attack, But Instant Karma Causes Him To Hilariously Faceplant

It was only a few days ago that some shithead nearly got bashed with an aluminum bat because he was trying to be a hardo during a road rage incident. Apparently word hasn’t gotten to Britain that karma can turn on hotheads in an instant.

This British motorist goes on an absolute tirade on some dude riding his bicycle. He gets so pissed off that he parks his car, gets out and runs after the cyclist. However Mr. Angrypants here tries to kick the bicycle wheel and loses his balance and eats the pavement in one nasty faceplant.

This motherfucker dives into the road like it was a plate of fish and chips.

Here’s the entire altercation in a 4-minute video if you’d like to see how the road rage unfolded.