D.C. Man Changes the Dick Pic Game, Skips the Texting Part


A Washington, D.C. man was arrested this morning for allegedly walking up to women on the Metro and showing them his cell phone, which was open to lewd pictures of himself. From the Washington City Paper:

Metro Transit Police announced today that officers arrested and charged Steven Andrew Slaughter, 22, for committing alleged lewd acts after he approached women on the Metro and showed them “inappropriate” photos of himself on his phone.

He’d been dubbed the “cell phone flasher,” and while I guess it’s right that he’s been charged for his actions, I’ve got to give him props for changing the sexting game. Now, you no longer need a woman’s number to sext her. One of the biggest hurdles to sexting has always been getting that number. Then, of course, slowly easing your way into a dialogue about nude pictures before finally showing your junk.

This guy’s style skips all that B.S. It may not be effective in getting reciprocation, but he’s certainly found a way to save a bunch of time.

[Man showing phone via Shutterstock]

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