Typical Dad Move: Man Accidentally Films Entire Vacation In Selfie Mode And It’s Funny As Hell

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Dads. God love ’em. They try so hard, but sometimes, especially when it comes to today’s technology they struggle. That doesn’t mean we can’t still be entertained by their foibles.

One dad from England, Howard Newman, is making the rounds on the internet today because he decided to film his entire vacation. One problem though: he shot the entire thing in selfie mode.

So rather than filming all the sights we end up with a video mostly of Howard’s face reacting to the sights. And you know what? I’d rather watch this home video a 1,000 times more than if he had done it the correct way.

Reports The Daily Mail

Howard Newman’s son Mark posted the amusing footage online after his father returned to Hampshire, UK, from the Netherlands with his wife Joan to find he had been using the tiny camera the wrong way round.

It was only when the Luddite passed the GoPro back to his son so he could edit the footage did they realise the hilarious mistake – which the father blamed on the positioning of the device’s buttons.

The clip begins with Howard, 69, with the camera pointing at his face and not out of a train window as he intends, proclaiming: ‘And here we are in the Netherlands. Notice the difference.’

Uh, no, Howard, we can’t.

The best part might be the moment when he says on camera, “I wish I could see what I am filming.”

So do we, Howard. So do we.

Mark Newman told MailOnline: ‘My parents came around mine after their holiday as I had lent my dad my GoPro so that he could film their holiday for me to edit when they returned.

‘I do quite a few holiday videos for me and my wife and he thought it would be nice to have one for himself.

‘He’s not great with technology so I gave him a quick rundown of how the buttons work – not thinking it would be that difficult as there is only three – and set him on his way.

‘Upon uploading the video to edit I put it all together to watch un-edited to see what footage he had captured.

‘It was then that we realised that what he had captured he was just his face due to the fact he thought the lens was the other side.

‘My mum was in tears laughing, especially as the bit of filming she did she actually got it around the right way.’

One thing is for sure, the Newman family now has a vacation video that they will never, ever forget.

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