Cool Dad Alert! Dad Dances To ‘Moves Like Jagger’ On Treadmill And I’ve Never Felt More Uncomfortable

by 4 years ago

Full disclosure: I hardly made it through the whole thing. I’ve had a friend’s dad cook breakfast in his skid-marked underwear and I felt more at home than I did watching that video. Sure, he may have rhythm and a few more moves in his arsenal than I do, but fuck man, hang it up. This is the type of dad that picks you up from the Winter Formal in his topless Mustang blaring Springstein’s ‘Glory Days’ demanding to know if you scored any pussy.

Hey pops, if your kid catches wind of this video, make sure to remove all sharp objects in the house.

And never do that again.

Unless you’re this guy. In which case, it couldn’t be cooler.