Dad Gets One Direction Tattoo To Win His Daughter VIP Tickets And Then Receives The Worst News Of His Life

by 3 years ago

A 37-year-old father from Tennessee entered a contest to win his daughter VIP tickets to a One Direction concert. In the competition contestants were supposed to dress up like members of the band and he thought the ‘I ❤ 1D’ tattoo would give him an edge over the competition. So Roger Fraser went to the tattoo shop, got inked up (pics below), and entered the 99.5 WZPL Indiana radio station contest. I gotta respect a man who will do anything for his daughter, but this story takes a turn for the worse…

Before we discuss why this was the most misguided and poorly thought out decision in Roger’s life, let’s take a look at the tat:



Well, as you can deduce from the captions in those tweets Roger Fraser was unable to enter or win the contest in Indiana because he’s not a full-time Indiana resident. As I mentioned before, Roger Fraser’s a resident of Tennessee, and this is something he should have considered before he failed to read the fine print and get a One Direction tattoo for a contest he wasn’t even eligible to enter.

Also, as you can see from the tweets above Roger Fraser’s now campaigning to win free front-row tickets for his daughter to a 1D concert so that his ghastly tattoo doesn’t live on forever in vain. So if you’re in the mood to help a brother out, maybe consider tossing Roger a retweet in that first tweet embedded above.

The major takeaway here is this: NEVER get a tattoo without reading the fine print.


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