Unathletic Dad Films Himself Recreating His Daughter’s Gymnastics Moves, Fails Miserably

by 1 year ago

On some level, we are all this dad failing miserably in his attempt to recreate his daughter’s gymnastics moves. He’s pure of heart, and like myself probably overestimates his current state of athleticism. The dad’s clearly not out of shape, but he’s also nowhere near the level of physical fitness required to pull off complicated gymnastics maneuvers.

There was a time when I could just put on some shoes and go run 10 miles without my body giving out, these days I’m winded after 1 and sore after 3 miles. I used to be able to pull off a one-handed cartwheel without any problems, though I don’t really remember where I learned to do that, but in present day I’m not sure if it’d be wise for me to attempt this unless I’m willing to accept the potential outcome of splitting my pantaloons in half.

I might have a weird ass hand that bends in ways the body wasn’t intended, and you might’ve seen the GIF of my left hand before because it’s up to 3.1 million views on Imgur:

But just because I can bend my hand in weird ways it doesn’t mean I’m capable of pulling off gymnastics moves. I am this dad, you are this dad, we are Groot.

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