Dad Uses A Full Arsenal Of Memes To Destroy The Thirstiest Dude Ever Who Wants To Date His Daughter

A suitor was interested in courting a young woman named Skylar, but she was not interested in a romance with the lad and blocked him on Facebook. So the gentleman took the next logical step in his quest to woo the enchanting lass; he messaged Skylar’s father on Facebook. Because what dad isn’t super enthused to hook his daughter up with some dude who wants to bang her.

The text conversation should have lasting no more than five texts max. However, the young man didn’t take a fucking hint and continually badgered the father to get with Skylar. The father made it clear that he would not hook this dude up with his daughter. That didn’t stop the illiterate fuckwit from continually begging to get hooked up with Skylar. Nothing could deter this fella, not the father’s disapproval, not a lack of shirt, not a lack of grammar or even a lack of intelligence would stop him. The dad finally has had enough so he fucks with him by sending memes.

The dimwitted texter, who is a few clowns short of a circus, doesn’t stop. I warn you in advance because reading his texts may cause you to lose brain cells.

These texts definitely belong in this group of “11 Texts You Should Never Send Your Ex.”