Dad Plays Ruthless Prank On Clueless Daughters Sending Them To Buy Blinker Fluid

by 2 years ago

If you’re against having children, this tremendous video will have you creampie-ing your special sweetheart in an attempt to conceive a child immediately so that you can play evil pranks on them. The Father of the Year candidate instructed his daughters to go to the local Autozone and purchase blinker fluid and a bucket of steam. The helpful dad even gave his daughters a coupon for the important items.

The clueless daughters go into the store and attempt to buy the blinker fluid and bucket of steam. Surprisingly, the auto parts store or any shop on the entire fucking planet did not have blinker fluid or a bucket of steam.

Good luck making a kid tonight so that you can send them to get blinker fluid when they get older.

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