Dad Investigates Why His 12-Year-Old Son Is Spending So Much Time In The Shower, Gets Unexpected Surprise

The shower, a young boy’s only refuge in the house of the prying eyes from his parents. It’s the only place for young men to discover very personal things about themselves. So when Josh Fairbanks’ son was spending much more time in the shower of late, the nosey father decided to investigate. What he discovered was totally unexpected.

Josh, who is a photographer from Michigan, took his cellphone with him to document the investigation. He did not find his son Logan doing anything of a sexual nature, but he did find him practicing his sweet dance moves.

Apparently the Fairbanks installed a new waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the shower and young Logan here was using it for his personal dance club. The boy was blasting Flo Rida’s hit “Goin’ Down For Real.” And it was indeed goin’ down for real.

After nearly a minute of Logan shakin’ what his daddy gave him, he realized his dad was standing right behind him and shrieked in surprise.

If Logan looks familiar, it’s because last month he was in another viral video of his baby brother puking into his mouth.

Now we won’t get into the issue that the father recorded his young son buck naked because the video was entertaining. However for your next funny scripted YouTube video, please, please, please hold your damn phone horizontal.