Dan Bilzerian Now Has Lance Armstrong, Of All People, Helping Him Out In His $600K Biking Bet

In February we reported on news that Dan Bilzerian took a $600,000 bet from poker player Bill Perkins that he couldn’t bike from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 48 hours.

My first thought was that since Bilzerian claims he hasn’t sat on a bicycle in 18 years he would probably die of heatstroke at some point along the 278 mile path. (In case you hadn’t noticed, that stretch is some of the hottest land in America.)

However, that was before none other than Lance Armstrong, another one of America’s “favorite” men, decided to join in and help work with Bilzerian for his biking bet thanks to Bilzerian buddy Joe Rogan.

No way, right? Well, lo and behold, Armstrong has actually followed through…

Rumor has it that Bilzerian and Perkins have added a side bet of another $200,000 if Dan can make from L.A. to Vegas in 15 hours, bringing the total bet up to $800K.

No way, now that Armstrong’s on board Bilzerian doesn’t make it now, right? Eh, I still think he’ll be laying somewhere on the side of the road before he hits the 15 hour mark, but maybe he’ll surprise me.

H/T The Roosevelts

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