Dan Bilzerian Fires Shots At Playboy Over The Attractiveness Of Their New Playmates

dan bilzerian playboy

Everyone knows that Playboy isn’t what it used to be. And unless they want to start shelling out millions and millions of dollars to A-list actresses and models to get naked, there is no way that the magazine is going to make any kind of real comeback. Truth is, no one cares about random nude chicks when the Internet has so much free porn, and even if guys do want to read the magazine’s articles, the name Playboy still carries a certain stigma and most guys want to avoid looking like a pervert in public.

Anyway, the company just decided to start having nude women in their magazine again — in an effort to boost sales — and this past weekend, Dan Bilzerian took it upon himself (for whatever reason) to shit all over Playboy on Instagram. More specifically, he decided to shit on the attractiveness of the new Playmates they are featuring.


He didn’t stop there. He offered a suggestion about who they should feature in the May edition.



[H/T Dan Bilzerian Instagram]