Check This Handy Chart Of The Most Dangerous Drug Combinations Because It Could Save Your Life

I don’t really remember the oddest combination of drugs in my system at one time. At least not illegal drug combos. I remember some over the counter drug combinations that almost sent me to the ER. This one time I took way too many different cold meds in a two hour span and my heart almost jump from my chest to the North Pole.

This chart only deals with the illegal, and lethal, drugs but it’s good to consult before putting anything in your mouth, in your veins, up your nose or in your morning coffee. (Heroin and chai tea is delightful!)

Click here for the larger version.

Of course, if you’re living on the edge, this could chart could be more of a suggestion for the weekend.

“This just gave me so many ideas.” — BroBible editor who shall remain nameless.

[via Geekologie]

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