Watch This Guy Taser His Face In One Of Four Highly Dangerous And Ridiculously Painful Ways To Shave A Mustache

Because I’m a girl and lack the sufficient hormones/whatever it takes to shave a mustache, I celebrate No Shave November by not shaving my legs for an entire month. How do I get away with this? Because shorts season is typically over and no one cares how hairy your legs are at the gym. Come December 1st, I clog ~5 disposable razors trying to get my legs back to their silky-smooth status.

JUST KIDDING, that’s disgusting and I’m definitely lying (no I’m not that was a lie too). But if you love No Shave November as much as I do because you’re a lazy fuck, here’s four highly dangerous and ridiculously painful ways to shave a mustache.

Spoiler alert: only one of them works and it makes him bleed.

[H/T Reddit]