Danielle Bregoli Threatens To Sue Walmart Over ‘Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah’ Shirts

The Cash Me Outside girl may sue the planet’s largest retailer. What a time to be alive. Danielle Bregoli threatened to sue Walmart for selling “Cash Me Outside” shirts that had her now nauseating catchphrase.

Walmart offers 16 articles of clothing including t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops with Danielle’s catchphrase “Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah” printed on them.

Bregoli said Walmart must remove the shirts from its online store in the next 5 days or face a lawsuit.

TMZ reports: “A Walmart rep says they haven’t seen Danielle’s letter yet, but it takes her claim seriously and will investigate.”

Did the 14-year-old even trademark this “intellectual property?” There are three individuals who have applied for a trademark for variations of her “cash-phrase,” but none of them are Bregoli.

Bregoli sells her own versions of shirts that are $30, double the price of Walmart, on a horribly archaic website. However, all of the shirts except the Chive ripoff shirt that reads “STFU AND CASH ME OUSSIDE” are soldout. Even a $38 puzzle that features Bregoli’s appearance on Dr. Phil is soldout. Americans apparently have way, way, way, way, way too much disposable income.

Ironically, back in February Bregoli was threatened to be sued by Hanes for using their Champion logo.

Is this over yet?