Daredevil SHATTERS World Record By Flying His Semi-Truck 166-Feet

Last November, EMC and Lotus F1 Team set the Guinness World Record for longest jump for a semi-truck with the distance of 83-feet and 7-inches, and they did so by jumping over an F1 racer. That’s cute. All this stunt driver did was DOUBLE that record.

Daredevil Gregg Godfrey was planning on only jumping 140-feet, but he couldn’t help himself and jumped an astounding 166-feet! At the Evel Knievel Days event in Butte, Montana on Friday, Godfrey set the record for the longest semi-truck jump ever. While there was no Formula One car weaving underneath him, it still was a fantastic feat.

Godfrey, who won the 2007 Baja 1000 and set the record for the longest semi-truck ramp jump at 50 feet in 2008, finished his epic jump by perfectly parallel parking his big rig.