There Is Now A Dating App Called Sizzl Designed Specifically For Bacon Lovers!

Forget Tinder and Match and all those other dating apps and Web sites, Sizzl is now where it’s at. Anytime we can combine bacon with anything, literally anything, it’s a good thing, so why not combine it with finding a date? Sounds like the quickest and safest way to find the perfect girlfriend to me.

This is no joke either, kids. It’s a real dating app. Downloadable on iTunes and everything.

As the app, developed my Oscar Mayer, says on their page…

“Sizzl is the only dating app exclusively for bacon lovers. Because why should you settle for someone who doesn’t love bacon?”

“If you get hot thinking about how many hours your bacon’s been cured and naturally smoked, download Sizzl to connect with thousands of lovers who share your discriminating taste in the world’s loveliest meat.”

Perfect. Now bacon lovers can just become…lovers. I see no way that anything could go wrong here.