The 21 Awesome Things Made Even Better By Adding Bacon

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Bacon is everywhere because bacon is awesome. Bacon is so amazing, people have added it to things that aren’t usually very awesome — like lip balm and soap.

The world’s love of bacon has inspired humans to come up with some of the craziest and wackiest ideas of all time involving bacon. Don’t believe me? Just check out these 20 items made better with bacon.

Bacon Bra

If life wanted us to enjoy sex, it would have created a bacon bra. Nope, wait a second, this is a real thing. Using bacon to make a bra is the greatest idea since sliced bread, with bacon.

Bacon Tattoos

It is one thing to love bacon, it is another to tattoo it on your body. But if using your body as a temple for bacon tattoos is something you love, then go right ahead and ink it up.

Bacon Jerky

Is it possible to make jerky even better? YESSSS. Have you seen Bacon Jerky from Slim Jim? If you haven’t it’s probably because I bought every pack in the country.

Bacon Mayo

Mayonnaise is bad for you. It is probably something your heart can go without ever having to endure. Adding bacon to it only makes it that much more intriguing for the bacon lovers of the world.

Bacon Soap

Not everyone enjoys bathing in bacon. But for those of us who would love to smell bacon as we wash up, bacon soap is the number one item for you. it is the perfect combination of bacon and cleanliness. How can you lose?

Bacon Wallet

No one is ever going to not be impressed when you take out a wallet made of bacon to pay for dinner. It is a pimp move for bacon lovers.

Bacon Soda

Something about this just seems like a bad idea. Maybe it has to do with the soda. If drinking soda is bad for you, what does bacon soda do?

Bacon Lollipops

There is nothing you can say to sell me on the idea that lollipops should be flavored with bacon. Nothing. Unless you show me a real bacon flavored lollipop…wait a second.

Bacon Gumballs

Gumballs are not too tasty to begin with so adding bacon only makes them better than crap. If you have settled on eating gumballs, you probably already wouldn’t mind a bacon flavored one.

Bacon Chocolate

Bacon is one thing. Chocolate is another. There is no way you can put those two together and make it work. Right?

Bacon Peanut Brittle

I am not a big fan of peanut brittle. I have only eaten it once and wasn’t too impressed. However, adding bacon to it just might make me want to stand in line for this one.

Bacon Popcorn

I wasn’t too sure popcorn and bacon would be a great thing to mix, I was wrong. After eating it once, I found a secret path to the greatest food of all time, popcorn bacon.

Bacon Ice Cream

Just speaking about ice cream is bad for you. Now they tell me you can add bacon to it? That just seems like it should be outlawed. There is no way this should be real life. No way at all.

Bacon Salt

Salt is already bad for you so why not add bacon to it? That just seems like the most logical thing to do in this scenario.

Bacon Candles

Because no one wants to wake up to the smell of bacon, right? Imagine a world where all you have to do is light a candle and the smell arises from oblivion directly into your nostrils and into the brain. That is the world I want to live in.

Bacon Lip Balm

Nothing says I love you like bacon lip balm. If you go out with a woman and the first thing you do is kiss, make sure to have that bacon smell on your lips. If she likes it, she is a keeper. If she doesn’t, there is always tomorrow.

Bacon Martini

I like to drink alcohol. Who doesn’t? But when you add a few slices of bacon to it, you are heading towards rockstar status.

Bacon Cupcakes

I never was a fan of eating unhealthy foods. However, when someone puts bacon on a cupcake, my brain begins to ponder about the greatness in the taste. Maybe I should be bad for just this one time.

Bacon Jam

Bacon and jam is about as great an idea as the moving vehicle. Jam? Great! Bacon? Great! Bacon and Jam? A force field of greatness.

Bacon Sunscreen

I still don’t understand how this one works but if anyone would love to explain it, I am all ears.

Bacon Condoms

Yeah, I think bacon just won at life. Bacon condoms, really? This has to be fake.

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