Dead Dude With Mad Game Gets One Obituary From His Wife, One From His Girlfriend And One Seemingly Eventful Funeral

I wish I could have met Leroy “Blast” Black. If I did get to meet this legend I would have shaked his hand. Leroy is the handsome devil above and was a fiberglass technician. Sadly, Leroy died recently apparently from lung cancer due to fiberglass exposure. I’m sure that the fact that he had a wife and a girlfriend did not help his condition. We know Leroy had a girlfriend and a wife because they both submitted an obituary in his honor.

Leroy, the 55-year-old man from New Jersey, had not only one obituary in the Press of Atlantic City, but TWO obituaries in the Press of Atlantic City. That is because his wife, Bearetta Harrison Black, put in an obituary and his girlfriend, Princess Hall, entered an obituary. Both tributes have a little bit different perspective about his significant other.

Leroy “Blast” Black you sly dog.

The funeral is literally happeneing right now from 4-6 p.m. on Saturday in south New Jersey. If anyone is going, please feel free to send me pics and video because I have a feeling that Leroy “Blast” Black’s funeral is going to be eventful to say the least.

You can send condolences to Leroy and his family here.

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