Customer Found This Deep-Fried Chicken Head In His Fast Food Meal And I’m Never Eating Out Again

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The bad news is that some poor guy found this disgusting chicken head in his fast food meal. The good news is that the restaurant is not a top destinations for American eaters. It probably won’t be that popular in France now either.

A customer got more than they bargained for when they were mistakenly served a battered bird’s head — beak and all — at a fast food restaurant.

The disgusted diner was horrified to find what appears to be an entire deep-fried chicken head in their wings meal, The Sun reports.

Images of the bird were shared online, where the poster claims to have been served the “disgusting” head at a Quick restaurant in France on Monday.

Staff didn’t notice the unlucky chicken head among regular pieces of chicken, leading them to deep-fry the dome to a golden delicious color. As one commenter noted on the LiveLeak video above “At least you know it’s real chicken.”

[via News AU]

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