Watch A Deer Absolutely ANNIHILATE Poor Guy Who Never Saw It Coming

Some days you’re the car’s grill and some days you’re the deer. This week, Cary McCook was on the punishing receiving end as he got completely annihilated by a darting deer in British Columbia.

The 25-year-old was being dropped off at the Stork Nest Inn around 9 p.m. when he was viciously blindsided by a rampaging deer. What do you expect when you kill Bambi’s mom?

“As I was turning my brain couldn’t process what was coming at me and by the time I knew it, [I had] already had gotten hit by ‘Bambi’ that was being chased by a dog,” McCook said.

Cary never had a chance. He was destroyed by the galloping deer with a brutal hit. The 49ers should play this video to illustrate to their players how to tackle.

The deer was being chased by a dog, which caused it to be running like a goddamn runaway train.

McCook says he did have a sore shoulder the next day but no serious damage was done.

“I find it more hilarious the more I watch it,” he said. “I haven’t experienced or seen anything like this in my 25 years in the wilderness and for me to get out of the woods and into an urban area and for that to happen, not only shocked me but made me realize anything good can happen on any given moment.”

United Airlines has already offered the deer a job to be a member of their security team.