In Defense Of Cargo Shorts Again, Just Because SOMEONE Needs To Argue With Buzzfeed

by 4 years ago

Editor’s Note: Cargo shorts have a negative stigma. There’s no denying it. The battle over cargo shorts has waged in our little corner of the Internet for years. Many BroBible readers dating back to 2009 might remember the commenter wars that would break out over whether cargo shorts were Bro or not Bro in the Brommunity forum (common conclusion of those discussions: Giving a fuck about fashion is not Bro). We’ve had various stances on the issue: A few years ago David wrote a defense of cargo shorts, which TFM responded to with a counter-point. I have personally bashed them and called cargos the defacto uniform of white trash, but generally sides on dudes being comfortable while paying the alimony checks at the end of the day. Ben Aylesworth put them on his “list of things to not get you laid” list earlier this summer

Buzzfeed junior staff writer Pablo Valdivia recently published an article calling for men to stop wearing cargo shorts. It’s been all over all of our Facebook feeds the last couple days. So we feel the need to address this piece of viral content with a take of our own. If BroBible can’t keep Buzzfeed honest in the Great Frat Media Cargo Shorts Wars Of 2008 – 2015, who will? So we asked passionate cargo shorts defender Mark Williamson — all-around badass — to respond to Buzzfeed’s dusty, cliched reasons for dudes to stop wearing cargos. Mark’s defense of cargo shorts below. Remember: Our opinions on cargos are diverse here at BroBible, so this opinion isn’t necessarily that of the entire team or of as a whole.  — Brandon

Buzzfeed recently published an article calling for men to stop wearing cargo shorts.

I use the term “article” really loosely because it was basically a bunch of cobbled together Instagram pics with some silly captions. I’m sure the author —  Pablo Valdivia — thought these were oh-so-witty.  Some of these pictures show some bros wearing cargo shorts, while some show hipsters wearing all manner of other attire from cut-off jeans to some of the most hideous garments ever produced by humans. Like this:

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