Master Butcher Pat LaFrieda Explains All The Cuts Of Meat That Every Bro Should Know

Master butcher Pat LaFrieda is probably the best known butcher in the world (he’s definitely the best known in NYC). If a high-end restaurant in New York City is going to have a burger on their menu then is HAS to be Pat LaFrieda beef in order for that burger to be taken seriously, that’s just how good he is. I guess when you’re a butcher you realize just how little the general public knows about cuts of meat, and I assume that has to be pretty enraging.

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Just imagine for one second that you’re a butcher and trying to talk shop with a friend and they literally don’t understand a single word you’re saying…That’s what life has to be like for many mast butchers. To combat this Pat LaFrieda teamed up with Nick Solares of Eater for a video on ‘Demystifying Cuts Of Meat’. So watch it. Commit these cuts of meat to memory. And share this video with anyone you know who might be in need of a meat education.

Also, here’s a look at the various cuts of steak (not just meat):