Crazy ‘Old Geezer’ Shatters Driver’s Windows With Baton, But There’s Way More To This Epic All-Out Fraud War

It still boggles my brain-space how small-town tough guys and shadeballs – mostly landscaping and construction contractors – continue to try to con, scam, and harass people out of their money. Even in Canada! The nicest country of all-time.

According to this YouTube video taken by All-In-One Landscaping crony Damian Dallyn, a man named Tyler Stojan — the owner and operator of Vision Homes — demanded thousands of dollars because his concrete set improperly due to an emergency evacuation (allegedly caused by All-in-One’s negligence) then pocketed the money for himself. When Damian went to Tyler in an attempt to hash all this out, Tyler’s stepfather, Dennis Tissington — also a GM of Vision Homes? — stepped in with a retractable baton.

We, the viewers, joined the action when Damian was already back in his car, so who knows what happened before Damian hit record, but it sure looks like Damian wasn’t provoking anyone when Old Man Muscle goes all Mafioso on his car. But wait, there’s more…

Here’s Damian’s description of what happened:

“The short little guy (Tyler) by the white truck owes money to a company I work for. Tyler calls this old geezer to be his muscle. He rolls up in the truck, gets out with the baton and come at me with it.

The man in the video is Dennis Tissington and the guy to call him via phone to come and assault me is Tyler Stojan with vision homes.
I stopped by to have a civil conversation about some money that was payed to him get some work done. He scammed a small business.
Last year this small business hit a gas line when 2 employees were not paying attention. Tyler Stojan was having some concrete work done that had just been poured but was evacuated for safety. He claimed that the evacuation left his concrete to set improperly. Asked for a large some of cash from this small company, the company paid to stay on good terms with Tyler and the neighborhood, this was a mistake. As Tyler pocketed the money given to him and a year later never fixed any concrete. The concrete has nothing wrong with it, set fine and looks perfect.
He committed fraud by asking and taking payment for something he was never going to do anything with. There is a paper trail for this payment made.
I stopped by to ask what he had done with said money, and if he was going to fix anything, he replied “iv got the money in my pocket” and than told me to go f*ck myself, I proceeded back to my car while explaining that this is fraud over $5000, section 380 cc. Punishable up to 14 years in prison for all the people involved. I did not swear, raise my voice, call him names or threaten him in any way.
He got upset He had a temper tantrum, called Dennis, his father in law, to come assault me with a weapon.
No the company I work for is not being sued for hitting a gas line, the company paid the bills owing for repairs and gas loss to Atco. No other damages were caused.
I think iv got it all there. That is the story”

The Inquisitr reports that Tissington was charged with “mischief”, which is absolutely absurd. Mischief is throwing eggs at a house, lighting a bag of poop on fire, and TP’ing your neighbor’s tree. Obliterating a driver’s driver side windows is some gangster sh*t. Grand Prairie corrupt af. Just recently, Grande Prairie was named the most “dangerous” city in Canada by Macleans for being number 1 in all three crime categories. But wait… there’s more…

Before you judge, here’s Tyler’s response on Facebook:

Wow. I don’t even know who to believe. My family moved out of our house in Westwood, MA only to have a squatter and his family move in illegally then make it look like someone threw a rock through the window then burned a cross in the front lawn. Alls I’m saying is people will go to extreme lengths to make it look like they’re the victim. The saga continues. Cue Puff Daddy.

VIDEO: Angry man with ax breaks car window…

Via Reddit

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