The Internet Is Going Mental Over This ‘Devil Doll’ That Appears To Walk By Itself

devil doll walks


I know it’s now October and Halloween is just around the corner so tis the season and all, but this toy people are calling a “devil doll” because it appears to walk by itself really is a little creepy.

Footage of this doll first hit the Internet a couple of years ago, but this being the Internet it has now gone viral and it’s easy to see why.

The creepyass doll in question has big black eyes and pretty much walks like a human when someone holds its hand.

Apparently the video was taken in Mexico and the Mirror reports that the owner of the doll has owned it for nearly 40 years. So not only is it creepy as fuck its also old as fuck, which just adds to the whole spooky factor.

I do know one thing, I wouldn’t want it in my house while I slept.

Watch and see if the doll doesn’t creep you out a little bit too, especially when it turns and walks away.