Here’s How The Diets Of Conor McGregor, The Rock And The Mountain Compare To Other Athletes And Celebrities

Ever wanted to know what kind of diet famous athletes and celebrities are on? Here’s a look at 20 of them including people like Conor McGregor, The Rock, The Mountain, Chris Hemsworth, Usain Bolt and more.

As you can see from the chart put together by, the diets of some very famous people vary greatly.

A guy like Conor McGregor takes in a whole lot less, 1,603 calories, than someone like The Rock, 5,165 calories, and just a fraction of what The Mountain scarfs down per day, 10,000 calories.

McGregor’s intake might be a bit more now that he’s fighting at a heavier weight class, but the diet shown still lays out quite a few healthy options such as smoked salmon pie, roast rib of Irish beef along with a prawn, egg, and a banana among his selections.

The Rock, on the other hand, loads up on a lot of cod, white rice, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and oatmeal.

Meanwhile, The Mountain, beast that he is, has eight eggs, bluberries and an avocado just for breakfast!

Other son the list include Hemsworth at 5,901 calories, Bolt at 2,2743 calories, Brad Pitt at 3,906 calories, Robert Downey, Jr. at 3,500 calories, all the way down to Gwyenth Paltrow at 1,316 calories per day.

Check out the rest of the fascinating dieting information in the chart below or click over to where the chart is interactive and shows you the specific meals each person consumes.