We Could Be On To Some Real ‘Jurassic Park’ Stuff With The Latest Dinosaur Discovery

Paleontologists from North Carolina State University analyzing the femur of a Tyrannasaurus Rex found in Montana have made an interesting discovery.

She was pregnant. From Discovery:

[The] T. rex, which … dates to 68 million years ago, retained medullary bone that reveals the individual was pregnant. Medullary bone is only present in female living dinosaurs, i.e. birds, just before and during egg laying.

Bitch got KNOCKED up. By another Tyrannasaurus. Fucking Tyrannasaurus fucking. Fuck yea. But that’s not the most interesting part, even though finding a pregnant dinosaur fossil is astounding by itself.

No. It’s what could be in the medullary bone that matters most.

It’s this type of bone that could retain preserved DNA.

Bingo. Dino DNA.

“Yes, it’s possible,” Lindsay Zanno [From the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Paleontology Research Lab] told Discovery News, referring to genetic material that may be present in this as well as similar dinosaur finds. “We have some evidence that fragments of DNA may be preserved in dinosaur fossils, but this remains to be tested further.”

Book those flights to Isla Nublar, now, Bros. Shit’s gonna get expensive fast.

[H/T End Time Headlines]