Diver Leaves His Cage To Dap Up The Largest Great White Shark I’ve Ever Feasted My Eyes On

by 5 years ago

The longest minute of my entire life was, no, not when I lost my virginity, bros. It was when I fell off waterskis and I bobbed there helpless in the middle of the lake waiting for my dad to loop back around. TAKE A FUCKING WIDER TURN, DAD. Not like I’m pissing my bathing suit in fear of some water monster nipping at my feet. Because I’m scared shitless of the ocean and everything in it. I step in squishy seaweed and I’m like:



So that’s why I was fascinated when this lunatic diver left his cage in Guadalupe Island, Mexico to dap up the largest great white shark I have ever feasted my eyes on. It is, however, an absolute thing of beauty.

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