WARNING: Here’s Why Bros Shouldn’t Oversend Dick Pics

Dick pics: We’ve all sent them to various girls whose numbers are saved in our phones, but that doesn’t mean that it’s our fucking right to do so anytime we want to.

I mean, sure, when you’re sitting around the house and have nothing better to do than to stick your hand down your pants and massage the ol’ boy to waste time, it’s always tempting to snap a pic of the healthy guy for a lady friend to see. Shit, I may just go ahead and do that once I’m done writing this!

Sadly, though, a penis isn’t always the most appealing thing for a girl to see. Unlike receiving a fantastic pair of boobs from a broad, a wiener doesn’t really have much personality, if you will, with girls, sometimes, acting disgusted by the sheer thought of receiving a photo of one.

And if you’re one of those guys who thinks that sending loads of dick pics to a girl will put a smile on her face, watch this hilarious sketch on why oversending dick pics could result in a girl breaking up with the man unit that hangs below your belt.

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