Dog Chews Up ‘FIFA 16’, Probably Isn’t Man’s Best Friend Anymore

I’m sure all of you dudes who have a dog are happy with the decision to take that pup and train him and walk him and feed him and watch him grow, you know, like you would a newborn.

However, this story is the reason why I don’t plan on getting a dog anytime soon—because they will chew through anything that’s close to them.

// Twitter user @karlkaszuba found that out yesterday morning when, rushing home with the Christmas morning-like excitement of popping in the newly-released FIFA 16 video game, came home to a path of destruction that was caused by his pup’s jaws. You guessed it, Fido had chewed up the entire package and disc, causing @karlkaszuba to tweet out the pic of the damage and, not doubt, ruining his plans for the night.


Not one to be defeated, I admire the guy’s attempt to try and salvage the disc by popping it into his PS4 in hopes that it would work, but, sadly, it was to no avail.

Sorry, bro, maybe splurging on a better chew toy for your pup is a good idea so this doesn’t happen again.

[H/T Metro.UK]

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