This Is What It Looks Like When A Dog Eats Magic Mushrooms And Trips TF Out

  • An eight-month-old dog found some wild mushrooms and ended up tripping her ass off
  • Some dogs actually go looking for wild mushrooms, knowing what they’ll do
  • More cool stuff here

Hey man, sometimes your dog needs a trippy day of relaxation and nature walks. Frankly, we all do. Life is weird. Life is a lot, even for a dog. So don’t blame your pup if they decide to go out and find some shrooms and have themselves a little psychedelic adventure. Just like you, they’re just trying to get by.

Dear, sweet Roxy was just a spry 8-month-old Border Collie back in 2014 when she was out and about one day and came upon some wild mushrooms. And these weren’t just normal wild mushrooms. These were wild mushrooms.

Roxy’s owner came outside on this particular day and noticed his dog acting a little funny. Roxy seemed honed on something and at the same time, was swaying back and forth, stumbling when she took a few steps. She didn’t seem stressed though or generally out of sorts. Nope. In fact, she seemed pretty chill.

“She didn’t seem afraid,” the video explains. “In fact, the opposite. She seemed to be enjoying the experience.”

Yeah, of course, she was. It was a nice sunny day and our girl Roxy was tripping balls. That right there is a straight-up enjoyable experience.

(Uh…I’ve heard. You know, in case my parents read this.)

After watching Roxy for a few minutes, her owner took her to the vet, where they learned that dogs getting into some wild mushrooms and tripping face isn’t all that rare. The vet added that “some dogs actually seem to go looking for them.” Those same dogs are the same dogs who also are the ones always hanging out on the quad, playing frisbee, and listening to Phish.

Roxy was fine eventually, back to her normal self. Although she did have some wild thoughts about what happens after you die and thinks her owner needs to do something about the goblins playing bocce in the backyard.

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Okay, okay,

Back to work.