This Bro’s Dog Freaks Out Every Time He Flips It Off Though It’s Unclear What The Dog Did Wrong In The First Place

I’m like 200% against animal cruelty. I’d be more but I feel like being more than double the recommended amount of something is probably unhealthy, even something as admirable as not supporting animal cruelty. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m pretty curious what this dog did to his master that he constantly flips it off all the time.

My theory is that this guy has some really shitty friends and constantly are flipping them off after he smoke them up and they steal food from him. The dog has grown up seeing the middle finger be associated with people generally being pieces of garbage. Dog’s are pretty smart. They can learn. This dog doesn’t like being insulted as such. The main question is what did the dog once do that made his owner flip him off. Maybe poop on the carpet? Eat the leftover food that the owner’s burnout friends left behind and then shit on the carpet? Shit on the leftover food? The possibilities are endless.