GAME OVER: These Two Dogs Just Won The Mannequin Challenge

Everybody including your nana and your Aunt Beatrice are doing the Mannequin Challenge. And while us humans have had some incredible Mannequin Challenge efforts, we are getting some major competition from our favorite four-legged friends. In fact, these two canines might have the best renditions of the Mannequin Challenge.

This awesome Boxer has turned into an instant celebrity with over 200,000 RT’s and over 250,000 Likes on Twitter for its Mannequin Challenge video. As Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” plays in the background, the statuesque pooch performs a number of tasks such as baking and doing dishes. Ryan Thomas, the dog’s human, said his dog has had eight years of training to get this amazing discipline.

But his biggest feat comes from not devouring Doritos that are already half in his mouth. I wish my fat fucking face could have that much self-control.

Not to be outdone is this Australian cattle dog who is frozen in time better than Ted Williams’ head. The Blue Heeler also bakes and does dishes, plus he paints and does laundry. Why the fuck isn’t my dog so domesticated and instead just takes liquidy shits on the carpet and then eats it.