The ‘Dollar Beard Club’ Just Took A Hairy Dump On Shaving — Gives You The Tools You Need For A Majestic Mane

Yesterday we received a reader tip announcing the arrival of the ‘Dollar Beard Club’, a dollar-a-month club that just put the dollar shaving club in its crosshairs. Instead of encouraging you to shave, the Dollar Beard Club (video above) is selling oils, waxes, and brushes starting at just $1/month, and trying to reverse this trend of bros shaving off their beards. It seems like just a year ago having a beard was a necessary requirement of masculinity, but in the past 12 months shaving has seen a renaissance and beards are on their way out. I’m not here to discuss which side of the spectrum you’re on (beard or baby face), all I’m doing today is sharing this glorious video with you and introducing you to the Dollar Beard Club.

At this point there seems to be a dollar-a-month club for anything and everything, which is pretty damn fantastic. Shopping is a pain in the ass, and $1/month is about as cheap of a deal as anything you’ll find in the world. So the way I see it, all of these dollar-a-month clubs are a win-win. I’ve used the Dollar Shave Club myself, and am a believer in their product. If beards aren’t your thing, and you’re tired of shopping for expensive razors, then you REALLY need to get in on the Dollar Shave Club. It’s super cheap, and they razors just keep coming in the mail so you’ll never have to shop for them again.

So I guess from that last admission you can tell that I’ve fallen in line with the trend of shaving. I’m curious though, how many of you bros are shaving these days and how many of you are growing out those beards? Hit me down below in the comments for an informal poll!

Shout out to reader Alex B. for tipping me off to this video!