Imagine a World Where Domino’s Uses Drones to Deliver Your Pizza

by 6 years ago

Can't wait to live in a world that looks like a scene from Minority Report, complete with UAV's swarming above my neighborhood with food delivery orders. In the UK, Domino's is figuring out how to use drones to deliver pizzas. Hopefully they have someone as skilled with joystick as Buster Bluth. The guy really knew how to fly a dron until that botched hand transplant. Via Pocket Lint:

Domino’s Pizza is planning to use a remote-controlled helicopter – the DomiCopter – to deliver food. Resembling a Call of Duty-style UAV, but with pizzas instead of machine guns, the DomiCopter is set to take the pizza delivery world by storm.

The Domino’s Heatwave bags attached to the bottom of the DomiCopter should also help keep any pizzas warm. Domino’s says it might launch a flight academy for the ‘copters should the delivery service take off.

As a former delivery boy in college, this bold technological step forward brings a bittersweet tear to my eye. It makes me sad that acne-faced geeks like myself will never have the thrill of driving around in a beat-up Ford Escort at 3AM on a Friday night, listening to Dire Straits and getting pissed about meathead douchebags who stiff you on a tip after bringing their drunk asses precious, needed food. Dude… you couldn't even tip a dollar? Fortunately, pizza delivery via drones removes the tipping X-factor. So keep on douchin' on…

[H/T: Uproxx]