It’s Hard For Me To Wrap My Head Around The Fact That Donald Trump Condoms Exist

Some adversaries may say that Donald Trump is a dickhead, and they are actually technically correct with these charming Donald Trump condoms. That’s right fuckers, you can make safe sex great again with these Donald Trump condoms. You don’t have to pull out of a debate to ensure that you won’t impregnate some fertile young lady, just wear Donald Trump condoms!

SayItWithACondom is offering Donald Trump condoms. These condoms are “huuuge” and “are built like a wall to keep out STD’s and unwanted pregnancies 99% of the time.” These prophylactics don’t protect against pubic lice or calling everyone stupid, but they will stop from feeling the bern.

I don’t know what sizes they come in, but I assume that Donald Trump condoms can fit a big head in them.

Make sure you wrap your lizard before you tickle her gizzard with these Donald Trump condoms.

In case condoms aren’t your thing, there’s also the Donald Trump butt plug.


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