Donald Trump Responds to Deadspin’s ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Tweet, Calls Website ‘Losers’ For Doing Job




Are you kidding me, Donald? Could you be anymore of an attention whore? Deadspin's received like a billion-plus pageviews by breaking the Te'o story. For those of us who work online for independent publishers, I'd call it a triumphant moment for online journalism. Deadspin smeared a carton of eggs in the mainstream media's face over sloppy, lazy journalistic standards when it comes to reporting sappy sports hero-worship storylines, i.e. Manti Teo's “heartbreaking” story about his fake dead girlfriend. There's nothing else to be said about it and most other people on Twitter agree.

Trolls gonna troll. Even The Donald:


In unrelated Trump Troll news, he hung out with Katherine Webb yesterday. Bummer she's not into the blogosphere yet. Embrace the future, Katherine!

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