Donald Trump Fanboys Spotted Waving Russian Flags At CPAC


The connections between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Donald Trump’s White House are too numerous and infuriating to list for one blog post. Even with the resignation of Michael Flynn, the irony of it all is that many of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters just don’t care and are happy to support a President that asks a foreign super power to “keep hacking” the United States. This obviously comes with some major pushback from the White House:


This morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C., this ignorance was on full display when members of the crowd started waving Russian flags with a gold “Trump” logo before POTUS spoke to the crowd. They were eventually confiscated.

Ronald Reagan is in his grave.

Fortunately, CPAC staffers noticed the Russian flags and stepped in to avoid a PR crisis.

UPDATE — Apparently here is the prankster troll that handed out the flags: