This Donald Trump Impersonator Makes $40,000 A MONTH, But Your Drunk Uncle Probably Does A Comparable Impression

Donald Trump is, by far and away, the most famous person on the planet right now. With his puckered lips and eccentric mannerisms, Trump is also one of the most easily impersonated public figures. But while Bill from Accounting corners you at the water cooler demanding you hear his “SPOT ON” Donald impersonation, some are lucky to make a living out of such a gimmick.

The person who has most successfully profited off the Trump-mania is John Di Domenico, who reportedly makes $40,000 a month by attending various events in Donald Trump character. Extrapolate that for an entire year and the dude is raking in an unimaginable $480,000.

Per the video description:

John Di Domenico, 53, from Pennsylvania, has been impersonating the hotel tycoon for 12 years but since announcing his Presidency hopes the impersonator’s seen bookings for Donald Trump skyrocket.

Now the performer makes $10,000 a booking to imitate the Republican hopeful at business functions, where he performs stand-up and insult attendees – just like in The Apprentice USA.

I’m so glad I spent $120,000 on a college education.

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