Donald Trump And The President Of Tajikistan Engage In Distractingly Aggressive Handshake

by 11 months ago

Tajikstan, stand up! All 27 of you! I haven’t seen a hand get dominated that much since Jason Pierre-Paul’s fourth of July party. In Trump’s defense, he does have less than large hands and he was probably trying to figure out who the fuck this dude was. Well his name is Emomali Rahmon and he’s been the head honcho of the landlocked country in Central Asia since 1994 and may or may not have manipulated elections. Rahmon knew that the only way to make himself a worldwide headline was to jerk Donnie around like a Chinese massage parlor. Well, he succeeded. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Emomali Rahmon, the President of Tajikstan.

When Trump leaves office, what the hell are we going to do? Every thing this dude does is news worthy. He’s a goddamn content machine. This is the one and only handshake compilation the internet has to offer that is worth watching all the way through.

[h/t The Root]

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