Hey Guys, The Smartest Minds In The World Are Set To Announce The World’s Gonna End Soon

Doomsday, folks. It’s here. While you may not believe the haggard veteran in tattered fatigues suffering from PTSD standing outside an intersection in your suburban hometown holding a sign warning the end is nigh, you damn well better believe the smartest minds on planet, who are set to announce the apocalypse is imminent.

As in like, could happen tomorrow. Or February 4th. Or any single day in 2016. Have fun living your life with that knowledge.

Artificial intelligence. Climate change. Rogue nation states with nukes. Whoever wins the U.S. presidential election with nukes. The appearance of a character actually named ‘Doomsday’ in the upcoming Batman V. Superman. It’s all making for the perfect mix of fuck, we’re gonna fuck this all up and fuck ourselves good, aren’t we?

Scientists with the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are about to announce a change in the time on their Doomsday Clock. For those unfamiliar, the Doomsday Clock is a metaphorical and literal clock (it’s confusing) that lets the world know just how close it is to annihilation.

It started during the Cold War as a way to say to the U.S. and Russia, hey, maybe don’t nuke everything. Today, the Science and Security Board is made up of 250,000 (18) Nobel Laureates, the smartest minds in the world, so you know they aren’t just posturing (despite the fact that this is an entirely symbolic gesture, so they kind of are).

Last year, the group moved the clock to three minutes to midnight, the second closest we’ve ever been to global catastrophe. That includes during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which means, you know, we ain’t doing shit right.

Today, the Bulletin will announce just how close we are to DEEEATTHH, with many expecting them to move the clock to two minutes to midnight.

The last time we were there was when we invented thermonuclear weapons.

Goodie. We’ll keep you posted on their decision, or not, because we may be dead by then.

UPDATE: The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced the clock would remain at three minutes to midnight. So, while we didn’t get any closer to destroying ourselves, we didn’t really do anything to prevent it.

Good work, all around.

[Via The BBC]