Week 2 Injuries Can Eat It. I’m Winning $10,000 On DraftKings Next Week! Chew On That.

This past Sunday was a day of infinite sadness for many fantasy football owners. In one half-hour span, several premier players went down with what appear to be season-changing injuries. Throw in the messy — and fluid — Adrian Peterson situation and you have a bitter stew of problems facing a good number of cubicle warriors.

But there’s an easy way to alleviate all that agonizing over injury reports and stress surrounding police investigation:

By playing 1-week fantasy football with DraftKings. And you can start this weekend, when the NFL $100,000 Play Action contest offers up six-figures’ worth of prize money, including a first-place payout of $10,000.

The entry fee is only $2 and first-time depositors will play for free.

It’s good to know the hope of fantasy football glory didn’t blow up with Robert Griffin III’s leg or A.J. Green’s toe. The opportunity to win money is still out there.

Go out there and grab it.





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