This Is What Diet Coke Does To Your Body Within One Hour Of Drinking It, And Yes It’s Comparable To Cocaine



I dunno guys, I’ve snorted a lot of snow up my nose in the past few years and I’ve gotta say, if I had the option of having a can of Diet Coke or a gram of coke I’d go with the baggie full of powder. Why go for the same effects as coke and not just the coke? It’s madness! Granted, Diet Coke IS much cheaper and easier to get than coke since picking some up only requires a trip to the grocery store rather than an awkward 45 minute trip to your local drug dealer’s condo where he ALWAYS talks you into sitting through at least ONE old episode of Full House with him (side note: I hate Full House)…but that’s the beauty of America: You can do both and no one will care as long as you don’t get caught, so grab a bag of snow and a can of coke and let’s see which one is worse for you. First up, Diet Coke, and be careful to take note of what happens at the 40 minute mark:

diet coke

Niraj Naik / The Renegade Pharmacist

According to Niraj Naik, who runs the blog The Renegade Pharmacist:

‘All diet beverages with similar ingredients to Diet Coke will have the same or similar effects.’

According to Mr Naik, drinks which contain aspartame are more harmful to the body than ones which contain just sugar.

He said: ‘They are found in to be actually worse.

‘A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that diet fizzy drinks increased the risk of diabetes more than regular fizzy drinks sweetened with sugar.’

He explained: ‘Women who drank one 12oz diet fizzy drink had a 33 per cent increased risk of type 2 diabetes and women who drank one 20oz soda had a 66 per cent increase in risk.

‘Women who drank diet fizzy drinks drank twice as much as those who drank regular fizzy drinks sweetened with sugar, because artificial sweeteners can be more addictive, and are up to a 1,000 times sweeter than regular sugar.

‘The average diet fizzy drink consumer drinks three diet drinks a day.(via)

So…he’s saying that if you’re willing enough to fuck up your life on Diet Coke, you may as well throw in some illegal coke in the mix too, right? That’s not what he said? I made that up? I’m just looking for a justification to snort coke on a Tuesday night? Hm. Maybe I need to go into rehab.

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