Papa Johns Driver Tries To Hit On Girl He Just Delivered To, Didn’t Realize Number On Receipt Was Actually A Dude’s

by 2 years ago

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This is the weirdest, most stupid text conversation I’ve seen in a while. From what it reads like (as well as what the Imgur post says), a driver for Papa Johns delivered pizza to some guy’s house, but since he was in the bathroom his female friend answered the door and accepted the pizza instead of him. Thinking that the girl is the one who made the order, delivery pizza guy proceeds to try and flirt with the girl…except the number on the receipt was for the guy in the bathroom.

As if anyone would want their delivery pizza driver chatting them up after the transaction was completed. Dude I ordered pizza so I could eat pizza, not so that you could try and see what the chances of getting your dick wet in me were:







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