POV Footage Of A Pissed Off SoCal Fisherman Taking Out A Drone With A Perfect Cast Is….Perfect

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The incident took place last Thursday at San Diego’s Pacific Beach Pier, and from the videos below you can see the drone buzzing the pier and being obnoxious as drones are known to be from time to time. A few moments into the video it zooms in on one fisherman who’s not stoked at all about this drone filming him while he’s out there doing his thing, and that fisherman cocks back and throws a near perfect cast (perfect would’ve actually disabled the drone). From there it’s a game of cat and mouse, as the fisherman’s got the drone hooked like a cowboy with a lasso, but the drone is hauling ass in the other direction. Vigilante justice on the piers of Southern California, gotta love it:

Here’s that glorious cast once more, broken down in animated GIFs:

There’s also a second video (below) that the drone pilot uploaded and in it the pilot explains how the drone was able to keep flying after being wrapped up with that much fishing line. After watching both videos I gotta say that if I was that fisherman I would’ve been completely irate when it was all said and done. Not only did he NOT take out the drone, he then likely lost all the line on one of his reels and had to go buy new tackle. All that AND he was probably fuming from the drone being there in the first place.

Here’s the second video (uploaded to Facebook) in which Tice Ledbetter performs fishing line surgery on his drone:

The description on Ledbetter’s video read “What a jerk! Gotta admit though, that cast was spot on!”…‘What a jerk!’ Says the man buzzing a bunch of fisherman minding their own business and films them, essentially leaving them powerless to do anything about it…yah, what a jerk!

[UPI / LaughingSquid]

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