Drug-Dealing Buffoon Hops On Facebook To Brutally Mock Judge Who Just Spared Him Jail Time

They say to never look a gift horse in the face. They also say to never go on Facebook and sound off on the judge who let your drug-dealing ass off with a slap on the wrist. I’ve actually never heard anyone say that, but I’m here to start the trend.

According to Manchester Evening News,

Daniel Sledden, 27, was given the suspended sentence when he admitted to being involved in selling cannabis to friends.

But just minutes after Judge Beverley Lunt suspended his prison sentence, a derogatory message appeared on a Facebook account in his name saying: “Beverly Lunt go suck my ****.”

The post, made at 1.53pm, also said: “Cannot believe my luck 2 year suspended sentence beats the 3 year jail yes pal!”

His brother Samuel Sledden, 22, who also admitted drug dealing at the hearing at Burnley Crown Court last week, also appeared to commented on the post.

A message from his Facebook account said: “Bet we wouldn’t get a chance like this agen [sic], thumbs up’.”

A Facebook message on his own account said: “What a day it’s been Burnley crown court! up ur **** aha nice 2 year suspended **** the 3 year in forest bank’ [sic].”

If your car is you profile picture, you’re a criminal. That may as well be science.

It is not known yet whether or not Sam’s post-trial actions will be a detriment in the eyes of the law, but something tells me this dude is going to stand in front of Judge Beverly Lunt again.

[h/t Manchester Evening News]

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