This App Is A God Send For Drunk Bros And It’s About To Stop You From Making Drunk Mistakes


Some of you bros might’ve caught my blog post yesterday in which I shared the 8.9x Uber surge price that I experienced in Sarasota, Florida back on New Year’s Eve. Well when tweeted that post out yesterday something interesting popped up in my mentions. A response from the Drunk Mode App caught my attention and from there I followed up with them because I had a hunch that this is an app you bros want/need/will love…and I was right….Well, to be fair we actually wrote about the Drunk Mode app back in 2014, but at that time it only served one purpose, since then it’s taken on a whole new life.

Here’s how our conversation started:

So what is the Drunk Mode App? It’s an app with 4 main features, features so fucking useful that it’s led to an absolutely astounding 1,250,000 active users:



1. Find My Drunk: ‘Use GPS to track drunk friends, keeping you and them safe’….With this functionality you’ll never have to worry about your drunk bros and lady not getting home safely again.

2. Stop Drunk Dialing: ‘Block selected contacts to hide them from drunk you
. This way you can stop yourself from drunk dialing the people you told yourself you didn’t want to drunk dial back when you were sober’. It looks like this:



3. Breadcrumbs: ‘Track your night to retrace your steps the next day (Lost Keys? Wallet? Dignity?)’
….This part of the app will help you recollect your life after a night of blacking/browning out and forgetting what happened. This is what that portion of the app looks like.



4. Find A Ride ‘Our newest feature that lets users easily find an Uber and see pricing easily.’…This is the portion of the app I could’ve really used on New Year’s Eve when the Uber surge price was astronomical, it looks like this:



With over 1.25 million active users Drunk Mode isn’t just some one-and-done app that’s trying to keep up with whatever’s trendy at the time, this is a genuinely useful app that each and every bro alive can benefit from. It’ll stop you from making stupid ass mistakes when you drink. Think of it as a personal concierge for when you’re drunk, one that doesn’t let you make bad decisions.

Ready for the icing on the cake? The Drunk Mode App was created by a couple of B School bros out of UVA. So if you’re like me and enjoy supporting a couple of ACC bros kicking ass and doing great things then you’ll feel even better while testing out this app.

I’m guessing that some of you bros already have this app, but for those of you that haven’t already downloaded Drunk Mode you can follow the links below to head on over to the appropriate app store:

Download the Drunk Mode App from the iTunes App Store

Download the Drunk Mode App from the Google Play App Store

And if you want to check ’em out on social media you can find them at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Alright bros, now it’s time for you to do your drunk self a favor and go download Drunk Mode before you make another drunken fool out of yourself!

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