Drunk Mom Arrested In Dairy Queen Drive-Thru For Refusing To Believe It Wasn’t A McDonald’s

So, first of all, pretty pissed I’ve gone 23 years without knowing that Dairy Queen‘s slogan is ‘Grill&Chill’. I’ve gone my entire life wasting opportunities by not dropping that little caveat of information. “Hey, what’d you want to do tonight?” “I’m kind of feeling a ‘Grill&Chill’.” “Oh man, look at the time. It’s ‘We’re no longer friends’ o’clock.” Unfortunately, my loss is another person’s gain. Namely this drunk mom who hit the Dairy Queen drive-thru with her children and refused to believe that it wasn’t a McDonald’s because she needed Happy Meals for her kids that badly.

Via BDN Maine:

“Police arrested a local woman who allegedly was intoxicated last Friday night when she went through a Dairy Queen drive-thru with two children in her vehicle. It is the second time in a month that police have charged Christy Neumann, 42, for driving while intoxicated with children in her car. In the Belfast incident, police responded to a 10 p.m. report that Neumann was “very clearly, extremely intoxicated” while at the drive-thru line at the fast food restaurant, according to Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden.

A report published in the Penobscot Bay Pilot online newspaper stated that Neumann had argued with staff at the restaurant, telling them that she was actually at McDonald’s and demanding that they serve the children a Happy Meal. She was traveling with her 3-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old boy who was not her son. Neumann failed field sobriety tests, McFadden said, and was taken to the Waldo County Jail to be booked. The children were picked up from the Dairy Queen by a guardian, the chief said. Neumann was charged with operating under the influence, violation of conditions of release from a previous charge and endangering the welfare of a child. The bail conditions she was supposed to comply with stemmed from an incident on July 25 in Searsport, when she also was arrested and charged with operating under the influence and endangering the welfare of a child.”

I don’t know if arresting this chick was fair. She was just trying to turn #GrillAndChill into a family affair and just happened to have the wrong restaurant. Her heart was in the right place. It’s not like she got drunk and did something stupid like crash her car. She was sober enough to realize that the car needed to stay on the road and that children need to eat to stay healthy. She had the right idea, she also just happened to have the wrong amount of liquor in her system.

Also, as an aside, I know in today’s America people are quick to judge a parent for feeding their kid fast food, but also, parenting is hard enough as it is. Imagine doing it drunk? I’m just impressed this woman remembered to feed these kids.