Do You Live In One Of The Drunkest States In America?



Another year, another list of the drunkest states in the union.

I could talk until my balls are blue right here but you just want to read the list. BUT FIRST KNOW THIS! Bloomberg compiled this list of the drunkest states based on this criteria — the information was collected from adults over the age of 26 and who reported binge drinking in the 30-days prior to a survey.

So what’s binge drinking? Binge drinking as consuming five or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting. So, you know, “Tuesdays.”

Drumroll…but like a drunk drumroll….like you shouldn’t even be hitting skins at this point. Perfect.

10. Illinois
9. Louisiana
8. Massachusetts
7. Iowa
6. Minnesota
5. Wisconsin
4. South Dakota
3. Rhode Island
2. North Dakota
1. District of Columbia

Congrats to Washington, D.C. on being the bingiest drunks in America. No wonder it’s our nation’s capital.

H/T The Street

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