This Dude Arrested For Grabbing A Police Officer’s Ballsack Has The Most Outrageous Fan Tattoo Of 2015

Tattoos are as much, if not more, about placement than the actual nature of the tattoo. Like a giant cock and balls etched into your back is far better than anything you could ink on your forehead. When you decide to tattoo something on your face, you’re making the decision to give it a new feature. A face tat isn’t just an accessory, it’s the equivalent of a third eye.

And in an odd way, I respect the shit out of it. Because I don’t believe in ANYTHING as much as as the dude who got a permanent stamp plastered across his forehead. I love my mom, but in 20-30 years she could get annoying. Probably not, but could. And then I’m walking around with a ‘<3 mom’ tat on my cheek when we both know that’s a lie. That would suck.

So gotta give respect to this New Orleans inmate with great hair for going all in on the ‘WHO DAT’ tat. I should be more upset that the only reason we know about this monumental piece of artwork is because the dude got arrested for grabbing an officers ballsack, but I’m not.



An arrest report says Edwards was handcuffed in the front and seated on a bench Monday in the day room of Orleans Parish Parish, during transfer to the Templeman V building. Officials said that’s when he suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a deputy’s testicles. The deputy’s condition was not disclosed.

And six sheriff’s deputies had to come to the aid of two others on Tuesday, records show, when they said Edwards became violent again Tuesday inside a transport van that had brought him to the Municipal Court’s sally port entrance. The report said Edwards was kicking the van’s glass windows and “swinging around a metal stepstool inside the van.”

Seems innocent.

The guy with the forehead tattoo is innocent.

It feels liberating to say something no one has ever said in the history of man.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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